The core of Osterman Research's survey capability is our survey panel, a large and growing team of IT professionals and end users that includes small, mid-sized and large organizations in a broad cross-section of industries located around the world.  Using the panel, we can conduct research projects of virtually any size on a wide variety of messaging and other IT-related topics.
Osterman Research can conduct surveys of just a few questions, or in-depth surveys of 50 or more questions to an audience that can be defined by industry, organization size, geography and other parameters.  We can conduct both Web-based and telephone surveys depending upon specific requirements and timeframes for completion.
Using our survey panel, Osterman Research can conduct a wide variety of survey types, including customer satisfaction surveys, price testing, technology and product demand surveys, and feature and function demand analysis.

A vendor of capabilities designed to guarantee email delivery asked us to survey organizations about their email delivery rates and their willingness to pay for guaranteed email delivery.
A vendor of archiving and policy management systems asked us to survey large enterprises in North America about their messaging-related risks.
A vendor of messaging security products asked us to conduct a quick survey of security capabilities deployed in their networks.
A provider of storage systems asked us to analyze the total cost of ownership for a large-scale Lotus Notes/Domino environment using various configurations.


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