About Us

Osterman Research helps vendors, IT departments and other organizations make better decisions through the acquisition and application of relevant, accurate and timely data on markets, market trends, products and technologies.  We also help vendors of technology-oriented products and services to understand the needs of their current and prospective customers.


Osterman Research provides timely and accurate market research, cost data, cost models, benchmarking information and other services to technology-based companies. We do this by continually gathering information from IT decision-makers and end-users of information technology. We analyze and report this information to help companies develop and improve the products and services they offer to these markets or to internal customers.


Osterman Research has developed numerous cost models that compare and contrast the cost of various messaging solutions, including hosted/managed versus on-premise solutions.


Among the things that make Osterman Research unique is our market research panel:  a large and growing group of IT professionals and end-users around the world with whom we conduct our research surveys.  This allows us to conduct surveys quickly and accurately with very high response rates.  We are continually developing our panel of IT professionals and end-users into one of the leading sources of information for companies that offer products and services in the IT space.


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