The Osterman Research Subscription Service (ORSS) 2017 is an annual subscription program of customizable industry analysis publications, custom research and ongoing consulting focused on the messaging, Web and collaboration industries. Here are the details of this annual program:


$9,500 (Tier 1)

$15,500 (Tier 2)

License   Every employee in the subscribing organization can access and use the reports and other deliverables provided as part of ORSS. All deliverables can be posted to a corporate intranet, portal, etc. We do not limit access to the deliverables provided in ORSS.
  • One (Tier 1) or two (Tier 2) white papers developed specifically for your organization
  • One (Tier 1) or two (Tier 2) custom surveys of up to 15 questions and a minimum of 100 completes developed specifically for your organization
  • One (Tier 1) or two (Tier 2) infographics based on the survey data
  • Participation in two (Tier 1) or three (Tier 2) sponsor-hosted Webinars
  • Access to the Osterman Research online repository of current and past market research surveys for all employees
Consulting Hours   Unlimited
Inquiry Time   Unlimited
Briefings   We consider it a privilege to be briefed by vendors and others and will give priority to any organization that offers relevant products and services.
Discussions with Investors, prospective customers, etc.   Unlimited
Other    Bonus research offered to ORSS subscribers throughout the year. 

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