A 350+ page PDF report that analyzes every Office 365 feature, function and capability





Microsoft Office 365 is the dominant business-grade email platform and it offers a wide range of security, archiving, encryption, authentication, file-sharing and other capabilities. Companies of all sizes are migrating to the platform.


But Office 365 has so many features, functions and capabilities that it’s difficult to evaluate them all when you’re making the decision to move to the program, or when you’re trying to manage it.


That’s where the Office 365 Analysis Service comes in.


Osterman Research continually analyzes Office 365, how it’s changing, and the implications it has for the organizations that will deploy it or that have already done so. We are continually doing a deep dive on every feature and function and analyzing how it impacts organizations of all sizes.


In short, we’re doing the in-depth analysis of Office 365 that IT, security and compliance teams would like to do — if they had the time and resources to do it.


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