Data Retention Requirements

A 183-page Guide of data retention obligations across a wide range of industries


$499.00 (includes a major update to be published in November 2018)



This Guide provides an overview of some of the key records-retention obligations that almost all organizations must satisfy — there are more than 1,000 regulations listed in this edition. It provides some detail on the regulations, who is affected by them, and reference information for further details on each regulation.


In its current iteration, this Guide is not intended to be a comprehensive database of all data retention obligations - there are thousands of regulations that are not included in this document. Instead, the goal is to highlight several hundred important data-retention obligations so that decision makers in every industry will understand:


  • The importance of retaining business records, and
  • Regardless of the industry in which they participate, they actually are in a “regulated” industry with regard to their data retention obligations.


Industries/topics covered in this Guide include:

  • Financial services
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • State and local government
  • The Federal Acquisition Regulation
  • Many others

Everyone who purchases this Guide will receive a major update at no charge with hundreds of new regulations (to be published in November 2018).


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