We provide timely and accurate market research, cost data and benchmarking information to technology-based companies. We do this by continually gathering information from IT decision-makers and end-users of information technology. We report and analyze this information to help companies develop and improve the products and services they offer to these markets or to internal customers.


Osterman Research conducts surveys on IT-related issues with both IT professionals and end users. Surveys focus on messaging management, instant messaging, messaging threats, backup and archiving strategies, operating system issues and other IT-related issues. We can conduct surveys that focus on customer satisfaction, pricing sensitivity, form factor preferences, cost and time expenditures and a wide variety of other topics. The core of our research capability is our survey panel, a well-qualified group of IT professionals and end users that have provided information to us about their IT infrastructure and corporate profile. Based on our primary research, Osterman Research can provide just the results of our research and our analysis of it, as well as white papers, Webinars and other deliverables. We are continually developing our panel into one of the leading sources of information for companies that offer products and services in the IT space. Our clients benefit from our panel because they gain access to the pulse of the IT industry; our survey panel benefits because they help shape the industry and improve the products and services they may eventually purchase.


We provide a variety of consulting services, including review of and advice on strategic plans, competitive analysis, ad hoc inquiries and other services. We also produce customized cost models that can serve as sales tools to help vendors demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of their solutions.


We publish reports on a variety of messaging-related issues, including instant messaging, messaging threats, archiving and messaging servers. Early subscribers to these reports not only receive substantial discounts for their participation in these programs, but they can also submit questions for the surveys that are conducted for each report. We also offer two annual services: the Osterman Research Subscription Service (ORSS), an annual program that includes all industry analysis reports we publish during the year.


We conduct messaging-related Webinars for organizations large and small. Click here for more information on our Webinars.


Osterman Research creates user guides intended to help IT professionals, corporate counsel and senior management understand key issues related to messaging, collaboration and storage. The first of these guides, published in September 2004, is How to Evaluate and Choose a Messaging Archiving Solution. Osterman Research published an update of this guide, including a section on UK archiving requirements, in 2008.

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